Supporting each other during lockdown: Silver Salisbury film

October 1st is International Older People’s Day which in Salisbury we have previously celebrated with a range of events: as that is currently not possible, we wanted to mark the occasion differently and that is how this film came about.


Made by young film maker Joseph Walker, the film was inspired by Salisbury’s Older People’s Champion Irene Kohler to record and celebrate the experiences of older people during lockdown, reflecting the many ways older people have contributed to the community. Financed by a small grant from Salisbury Area Board supplemented by private donation, the film will be launched on Thursday 1st October International Older People's Day


Irene says  “Of course many older people have needed support but we think the film shows the diversity of the community of older people in Salisbury as well as the diverse ways in which people have contributed, from running a convenience shop supporting local older people, ensuring the planting Victoria Park lifts people’s mood as they exercise, helping neighbours with shopping and prescription collection, coming together in street groups, Muslim women giving each other support, gardeners and allotment holders bringing produce to the Harnham Harvest table, and much more…….”   See the film, download it now on this website. 

The work of the Silver Salisbury Group is supported by SaSS Safer and Supportive Salisbury, Marc Read, Salisbury Community Engagement Manager and the Salisbury Area Board.  If this film motivates you to volunteer to support others should we be faced with the next spike, then please email

Irene Kohler

Salisbury's Older People's Champion

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